Junior Crafters!

The Junior Room were thrilled to be chosen to work with a CRAFTed Tutor in association with the Craft Council of Ireland. We were delighted to be pair with Jeweller and Goldsmith Marie Thèrese Walker who tutored us in the craft of Repoussé which can be seen on the Ardagh Chalice. We first had to look around us and pick our patterns everywhere and we practised drawing those. Then we decided to focus on patterns to do with water as we are trying to get our Green School Water Flag this year. We studied patterns that you might see around rivers and lakes and practised drawing those. Next we used our paper template to draw our water patterns into small pieces of metal which we turned into coasters. Then came out final group project – everyone transferred a water pattern onto a larger piece of metal which were then joined together to make a river! We were thrilled with our final masterpiece and are currently searching for it’s place on wall. Thank you so much to Marie Thérese who taught us so much about craft and art. Marie Thérese extended an invitation to everyone to visit her workshop and see how she works on her jewellery in Nenagh.