Peace Proms 2018

The Peace Proms was due to take place on the 4th of March but there was a lot of snow so it was cancelled. They changed it to the 16th and 17th of March instead. We learned a lot of songs. Some songs were from Disney movies and some were ones we didn’t know.

On the day of the peace proms it was a very icy day, a few schools didn’t get to go but we were lucky that everyone came from our school. We all went to our seats. After a while the peace proms started there was very good singers, dancers and musicians. Everyone was very good at singing.

A guy called Greg was our conductor. He was really funny and nice. And he was really good at conducting. At the rehearsal Greg told us to follow the instructions he told us. They were very unusual, He told us to stand up like giraffes and sit like rabbits just so we can follow the instructions.

Even though some people forgot their lines it was still a great show.

Reporter: Emma Davis